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The must-have app for you and your BFF

Where rescues find loving homes, pet lovers find companions, and pawrents discover unparalleled services and a vibrant community.

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Finding the perfect addition to your loving family!

Connect with local Rescue Organizations to give dogs and cats the chance of happiness that they deserve!

Dog & Cat Pals

Finding your BFF has never been easier!

At Bearlot’s Furry Friends, we are passionate about helping rescues in need. Through the BFF app, we are making it easier than ever to find, adopt, and foster rescues. BFF allows you to connect and rescue cats and dogs through your local Rescue Organizations.​

Dog Walker at the Park

Find a Furry Companion

"Bark Yes" to send an application to a Rescue Organization for adoption or fostering of a furry companion, and "Howl No" if you would like to explore more options based on your preferences!

BFF for Rescue Organizations

Are you a Rescue Organization looking to connect with applicants to ensure a safe and loving home for the rescues under your care? We've got you covered at BFF!

BFF for Service Pawviders

Are you a Service Provider looking to make an impact and be a part of our community that supports the cause of animal welfare?

We welcome you at BFF!

Lifelong friendship

Already a pawrent?

At Bearlot's Furry Friends, we understand that being a pet parent is an incredible experience filled with joy, love, and a few challenges along the way. Our app is designed to support you through every step of your journey. Effortlessly keep track of health records, appointments, feeding schedules, and more, making pet parenthood easier and more organized than ever. Plus, unlock exclusive discounts and offers, ensuring you and your furry friend enjoy the best of everything!

Dog giving a high five

About Us

At Bearlot's Furry Friends, our unwavering commitment lies in positively impacting the lives of every animal we encounter. We strive to create a significant difference in the well-being and happiness of each furry companion, fostering a nurturing environment where their health, comfort, and joy are paramount.

Ready to find your BFF?

The newest addition to your family could be waiting for you...

Dogs and Cats


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